My name is Melissa Reagan Brunetti. As I searched for natural solutions to my own health challenges-- sugar addiction, insomnia, asthma, allergies, hormonal imbalances, restless leg syndrome and fatigue -- I discovered a passion for understanding the way in which simple changes to nutrition and life style choices could make profound differences.  With my new insights, I am no longer astonished by the connections when by finding root causes, symptoms subside. Embarking on the curative process without understanding the links to your individual systems seems counterintuitive. I have learned that treating the symptom never resulted in long-term resolution.


Before retiring to stay home with my two children, I was for more than ten years a senior research analyst/senior consultant at Gartner, one of the top technology advisory companies in the world. In that position, I partnered with companies by navigating their technology data and discovering the areas that were out of line when compared to other organizations of similar size and industry. Together using quantitative data, qualitative data from their business staff, and external research, we developed a plan to breed a healthier, more efficient, and productive technology environment.  I created and delivered presentations containing tactical and strategic recommendations to executive and senior level IT staff. Many of the skills I acquired as a senior research analyst and senior consultant have been applicable to my role as a nutritionist.​


Graduate of Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, cum laude. I am a yoga practitioner, avid runner, and  fitness enthusiast.