My Philosophy


With proper information, we can make better choices. I will help you navigate and decipher available information as it pertains to your own personal challenges. There is no panacea. It does not exist.  However, that does not mean there is no solution; only that it is not wrapped up nicely in one herb, food source or pill in a "one size fits all" quick fix. We are each unique, and our body reacts differently to different substances. I believe that through nutrition we can reverse many of the conditions with which many of us are suffering.   We underestimate the power of nutrition and how it can affect our health, including our mental health.  


Many of our health problems are caused by our lifestyle choices, diet, genetics and environmental factors. Nutrition and lifestyle choices are the only line of defense that we can control.   We can not change our genetic predispostions, but we can alter the expression of our genes by making changes to our lifestyle and diet.


Using an holistic approach, our goal is to optimize our individual  systems to work synergistically--and we need to approach the healing process that way. To use a yoga analogy,  if you are in Warrior One pose, your muscles should be engaged from the ground up, from your toes to the tips of your fingers, pointed up to the sky. The pose should be using your entire body, every muscle engaged and doing their part to add to the pose; if one part is sluggish and not fully performing it’s role, the integrity of the pose is lost.


Only when we treat the underlying cause, not the symptom, can we begin our path to recovery.


Exercise is a key component in achieving your goals.  Together we can determine the amount and type of exercise that can best compliment your nutrition program. If you are an athlete,  nutrition is important to support your training efforts and to help you achieve peak performance. 

  • Exercise intensity matters the most when determining what fuel is used

  • Use foods and  workouts of varied intensity in order to make your body a better fat burner.