A Letter to the Universe in Honor of Winter Solstice

The winter solstice marks the first day of winter. With this day comes the energy of the Sun moving into the phase of more light. It is a time for us to plant the seeds for the future and to set our intentions. How do you plan on celebrating?

Below are a couple of ways we plan on celebrating this year's solstice.


Now, through the solstice and into the winter season it is a time to reflect on the light that is within all of us. Meditation, even a couple of minutes a day, is a tool we can use to connect with that which is sacred. It can lead to an acceptance of who we truly are. Taking the time to be still and observe empowers us to reach and listen to our higher consciousness. It is here our inner purpose and desires are revealed.

Letter to the Universe

An exercise to activate the law of attraction and manifest our intentions is to write a letter to the universe. As we do this exercise it is important to enter with an open mind and be ready to receive.

Step 1 – Write a letter to the universe as if you were writing to a friend

a. Describe the things you want in your life, your hopes, dreams and desires

b. Be specific

c. Imagine how you will feel when the things you want are your reality

d. What are your fears, anxieties, resentments you need to let go of?

e. Dive into why you want to transform your life and how the

transformation will impact you and those you love

f. Make your intentions present tense

Step 2 – Gratitude

a. Thank the universe for all the things you have received

b. Thank the universe for all that you desire as if they have already happened

Step 3 - Let it go

a. Burn your letter with the intention that it is released to the universe to start it’s creation

May the light in me honor the light in you

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